Lenel and AMAG Deliver On-Demand Video Tutorials with Steve the Security Geek

New cloud-based solution to long-term problem of training end user administrators of access control systems reduces support cost to integrators and
improves operations of installed systems

Los Angeles, CA
July 18, 2014

Lenel Systems International, a UTC Company, AMAG Technologies, a G4S Company, and ActivAdmin, Inc., an educational software publisher, have joined forces to release of the industry’s first cloud-based learning solution for end user administrators of both OnGuard and AMAG Symmetry. Steve the Security Geek narrates the learning for each of the softwaremanaged

Manufacturers and integrators who sell and install security systems and the end users of these security systems have long struggled with the difficulty of preparing administrators to perform important daily tasks required to operate these systems. The obstacles have been many, including, but not limited to:

  • Frequent turnover among administrators
  • Administrator’s lack of professional affiliations
  • Limited training skills of integrator’s technical staff
  • High cost of integrator’s technical staff
  • Expense of travel for training
  • Weak learning skills among administrators
  • Manufacturer’s focus on integrator
  • Integrator’s focus on containing project costs
  • Constraints resulting from construction projects and commissioning procedures

The ActivAdmin learning solution takes advantage of the Internet’s power to aggregate widely dispersed users and to deliver on-demand learning when and where it is needed. Dr. Joel Rakow, President and Founder of ActivAdmin, states, “Last June, I demonstrated the tutorial titled “Replace a Lost Card” to a potential reseller using my smartphone while riding in a tour van in Ireland. We were both able to view the video tutorial and listen to Steve the Security Geek narrate the video. That demonstration alone pretty much closed the deal.”

ActivAdmin’s cloud-based learning solution launched at ISC West in 2014 with 11 interactive video tutorials and learning management. The videos average 10 minutes in length and are task specific, addressing the things that about 80% of administrators perform about 80% of the time. They do not provide certification-type knowledge. The video tutorials include titles such as “Add a Cardholder,” “Change Door a Schedule,” “Report Cardholder Activity,” “Monitor Alarms,” in addition to many others. The learning management component tracks progress and quiz results. It also displays menu options based on subscriptions and provides the registration tools that allow subscribing companies to manage the subscription license by adding and removing users.

A subscription for unlimited use of the entire library of training for Lenel OnGuard’s or AMAG Symmetry’s access control functionality is available to end user organizations for $500 per year per site. A subscription applies to users located within a 10-mile radius of each other and provides for unlimited training, available on demand. Many organizations purchase multiple subscriptions in order to support office locations across a city, state, and country, and even internationally.

Lenel’s Vice President of Technical Services, Michael Navaroli, worked more than six months to bring Lenel and ActivAdmin together. Mr. Navaroli says, “These online video tutorials address important needs for our Value-Added Resellers and the administrators of Lenel OnGuard. We are happy to find such a great solution to help our sales channel and the end users. ActivAdmin has done an excellent job putting this solution together.”

To this Mr. Navaroli added, “The opportunity to bundle the training as added value to our renewals of Symmetry’s annual support plans is a big inducement to our joining forces with ActivAdmin. She continued that “the online video tutorials are well produced and demonstrate very strong technical capability.”

The ActivAdmin online video learning solution is proving to be a big winner for organizations that staff or operate Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs). Bob Bastida of Security Industry Specialists, a supplier of security guards, states “Staffing multiple GSOCs located around the world requires a steady flow of trained people. Using ActivAdmin provides unlimited, on-demand training when and where we need it.” Furthermore, Bob reports that he uses the tutorials to train his own personnel and is considering co-branding the tutorials with Lenel and ActivAdmin as well as having customers access the training from SIS’s website rather than ActivAdmin’s.

ActivAdmin’s online learning is hosted on the Internet as a cloud-based solution. It is available from a growing list of resellers of both Lenel and AMAG or from ActivAdmin in cooperation with resellers. These resellers can then deliver the training to their own customers from their own website. The reseller’s branding, such as colors, logo, fonts, etc., is thus displayed to the customer when logging in and during the training.

ActivAdmin currently supplies its solution for Lenel and AMAG access control with plans to extend the offering to Software House, Honeywell, and video management solutions such as Avigilon, Milestone, and OnSSI (On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.).

Our trusted guide and narrator, Steve the Security Geek, is a real person named Steve Lewis. Dr. Rakow and Steve reunited as business colleagues during the ISC West 2013 security show in Las Vegas. Steve got his nickname as a result of the large following of individuals who learned to administer security systems by listening to his careful, knowledgeable, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Joel Rakow, Ed.D., President of ActivAdmin, notes that ActivAdmin invites larger users of security systems to adapt the online tutorials to their unique business processes. Dr. Rakow is the founder and chief architect of American Training International, the company that sold three million disk-based tutorials for Microsoft Word, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Windows, and other software applications. He founded the eCrimes and Risk Management Consultancy in 2002 and is the principal shareholder in Ollivier Corporation, a Lenel-authorized integrator. Dr. Rakow consults with many organizations regarding their security needs, including Molson Coors, the U.S. Secret Service, Alcoa Fastener Systems, and many more. Ollivier Corporation, located in Los Angeles, CA is the North American Reseller for ActivAdmin.

For More Information, trial subscriptions, photos, and other resources, please contact Dr. Joel Rakow at 310 418 7322 or joelrakow@activadmininc.com.