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800,000 People Administer Security Systems Around the Globe

You may be one of them – or you may have several of customers – or both. Whichever category you fall into, ActivAdmin provides online video tutorials for the leading access control systems in the world, such as Lenel OnGuard, AMAG Symmetry, and Software House C-Cure.


Available Anywhere

Use any device from any location at your convenience.

Unlimited access

View each tutorial as many times as you want. View all of the tutorials and track your progress

Task Oriented

Tutorials teach the tasks 80% of administrators use 80% of the time.

Expert Teacher

Steve the Security Geek teaches you what you really need to know.

Quick and Convenient

Each video tutorial is approximately 10 minutes long.

One Flat Fee

A single, small subscription fee covers three months or one year. Your choice.


Learn 80% of the skills used by 80% of administrators.

Some of our Clients

ActivAdmin is supported and trusted by an Industry built to create trust.

– Erik D., Senior Security Consultant, Kaiser Permanente, CA

– Dave Pederson, Security Director, DC Hospital

– Greg B. Umass Boston

– Lala. M, Executive Assistant, Kilroy Realty Corporation

– Joel Rakow, Ed. D, President, ActivAdmin

Learn as You’ve Never Learned Before.

Desktop. Tablet. Mobile.

Convenient, on-demand and on-the-go learning…wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Access from any Internet-enabled device. Switch devices and never lose your place

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