Emerging Company Adds Value to Renewal of Lenel and AMAG Software Support Agreements with Bundle of Cloud-based Administrator Training

Lenel and Amag VAR’s resell subscripti ons for first cloud-based training products expli citly developed for lower-l evel administrators of OnGuard and Symmetry.

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ActivAdmin, Inc., announces it is creating a national network of Lenel and AMAG resellers bundling annual renewal of software support agreements (SSA’s) with its subscription-based online video tutorials for administrators. Aronson Security Group, Kratos PSS, Pro-Tech Design are three of the largest integrators with over 40 branch offices joining four regional resellers. The tutorials were developed by ActivAdmin under an agreement with Lenel Systems and an informal partnership with AMAG. When bundle, a 3-month subscription for unlimited end user training using ActivAdmin’s cloudbased online video tutorial library for OnGuard or Symmetry is combined with the SSA. The price of the tutorials increases the SSA renewal by approximately $150.

Dr. Joel Rakow, one of the original computer-based training developers for early PC software from Microsoft, Lotus and WordPerfect, and currently the owner of a leading Lenel VAR in Southern California is the founder and President of ActivAdmin. Dr. Rakow sold more than 3 million user licenses for PC software and claims, “The same need exists for about 700,000 security system administrators who perform 10-12 tasks that are required by companies around the world almost every day, such as replace a lost card, add a cardholder, change access rights, change door schedules, add a location and others. The administrators are not candidates for certification training, yet the skill required to perform these tasks in OnGuard are not the same as Symmetry or other security systems. These administrators require help learning to perform these tasks”.

Traditionally, security system VARs would send a member of their technical staff to the customer’s location to train end user personnel. While this is still a good approach when completing a new installation and providing in-depth skills to the new owners of the system, this approach creates problems over time. Customer deployments mature and the original systems administrators have taken new roles in the company or moved on in their careers. End users expect support and do not always want to pay over $100 per hour for it, even though it might have been years since the system was installed. In contrast, ActivAdmin’s training is available on demand, via any browser for an annual subscription fee.

Steve Lewis, Producer of the ActivAdmin tutorials, and the person behind the narrator’s voice, known as “Steve the Security Geek.” Steve states that, “The library of tutorials for AMAG and for Lenel were produced using commercial production techniques, including script, screen captures, graphics and digitally edited video and voice recording. Each tutorial is between six and 18 minutes long and the instruction is highly interactive, with practice exercises and a management report, also available on demand and displays real-time activity results of each users. One or more administrators are typically given the right to add and deactivate additional users in need of training.”

Mike Tutino, Security Director at Gemological Institute of America, reports “We are a global Lenel users with locations in nine countries, such as United States, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong and others. We deployed ActivAdmin’s tutorials in New York and Carlsbad with good results. We then expand our subscription to four other cities. These tutorials save us time and money and we have a higher level of confidence that our Lenel administrators have access to the training they might need.”

Many Lenel and AMAG VARs focus on end user support as a way to keep their customers happy and to not shop their system expansion projects to other VARs. Aronson Security Group’s (ASG) Michael Rosa, Vice President of Customer Services, is one of ActivAdmin’s earliest resellers. ASG has many national and international customers and is a dominant force in the Pacific Northwest. Rosa claims that “ASG brands its Customer Support as ASG Optimum and offers a select set of products and services under this brand. ActivAdmin’s tutorials fit right in with ASG Customer Support Program, displays the ASG Optimum logo and is available directly from the ASG web site. ActivAdmin has been very cooperative with us and helps us achieve our corporate goals.”

About ActivAdmin

Founded in 2013, ActivAdmin, Inc. is the world’s leading publisher of online video tutorials for the administrators of security systems and other software-driven building systems, such as VoIP telephony, elevator dispatch, operating room management, heating, lighting, etc. Current end users include Alcoa Fastening Systems, Kilroy Realty, University of Massachusetts, Oregon State Government, Kaiser Permanente, and many others. Dr. Joel Rakow and Steve Lewis are the founders of ActivAdmin. Dr. Rakow is a former advisor to the Secret Service, a Harvard University Post Doctoral Fellow, National Science Foundation Fellow, winner of the Microsoft Best Installation of the Year in 2001, Best Product of the Year, 1986, 1987, 1988 in PC World Magazine. He is the President of Ollivier Corporation, a Lenel VAR in Southern California, in addition to ActivAdmin.

Steve Lewis holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from State University of New York, Stonybrook and is ActivAdmin’s Chief Learning Technology Officer.