About ActivAdmin

Control systems are software-driven, sparking a demand for a new class of skilled operators known as “system administrators.”

ActivAdmin is a publisher of cloud-based learning solutions developed and marketed by founders whose track records include over 100 commercially successful training applications, sold to organizations in 22 countries, in seven languages, with three million paying users, as well as the development of an enterprise learning management system distributed exclusively by HP, McGraw-Hill, and IBM.  Think of ActivAdmin as the Netflix of training videos for administrators of security systems and other enterprise software applications.   ActivAdmin sells only through value-added resellers (VARs), using subscription-style licensing and pricing that generates very high value recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for our customers.  For many VARs, ActivAdmin represents their first commercially viable opportunity to fully monetize the training of their end users.  These VARs discover that their margins are dramatically higher because they have no up front costs, no inventory, no engineering and no installation costs to eat up margin. 

ActivAdmin’s initial market is security systems that provide access control, such as Lenel OnGuard, AMAG Symmetry and Software House C-Cure.  ActivAdmin views market segment as a model for other types of building control systems, such as A/V conference and collaboration, HVAC, VoIP telephone, lighting, elevator and many others.