About ActivAdmin

Technology creates a wake of training needs

ActivAdmin is a cloud-based learning solution developed and marketed by founders whose track records include:

  • Over 100 commercially successful training applications, with three million paid subscribers
  • End users in 22 countries, speaking and reading seven different languages
  • An enterprise learning management system distributed exclusively by HP, McGraw-Hill, and IBM

“Never in history have such un-tech-savvy employees been asked to operate such technical systems”

Joel Rakow, Ed..D., Founder, ActivAdmin

Introduction.  ActivAdmin is pursuing an $800,000,000 market opportunity at the intersection of Building Control Systems for Smart Buildings and the millions of end-user administrators of the enterprise software that manage those control systems.  ActivAdmin is first to enter this market due to its deep knowledge and ties to these Control Systems and its expertise in security systems such as Lenel, AMAG, and Software House plus interactive video, streaming, edge caching, online software learning, and automated marketing. Until now, this important, large and growing market has been overlooked. ActivAdmin streams content to make its solution accessible and valuable to the owners and operators of commercial and industrial buildings around the world. Today’s Building Control Systems   make buildings “smart.” Already, more than three million administrators are required to operate the control systems in smart and not-so-smart buildings.
Control systems are software-driven, sparking a demand for a new class of skilled operators known as “system administrators.”
These Building Control Systems include:
  • Security Systems
    • Access Control
    • Video Surveillance
    • Emergency Communications
  • Climate Controls
  • Audio-Visual
  • Way Finding
  • Nurse Call
  • Voice over IP Telephony
  • LED Lighting
  • Elevator Dispatch
  • Operating Room
  The lack of trained end users is a heavy burden on the Value-Added Resellers (VARs) that sell and install, but do not deploy, these systems and results in under-utilization of many Building Controls.   Problems like these call for a solution, and that solution is ActivAdmin – a proven learning tool for today’s Smart Buildings – a modern, flexible, readily available, efficient, effective, and extraordinarily timely. Bridging the Gap: The Problems We Solve. This may be the first time in history when non-technical people are employed to operate extremely technical and complex software systems. These are not Microsoft Word or PowerPoint programs. Today’s building control systems are driven by enterprise application software, served across local and wide-area computing networks, sold and installed by VARs, a.k.a system integrators. This is complex technology, multi-tier distribution, updated and upgraded regularly via software enhancements, and typically, the users of these Smart Control Systems are not accustomed to rapid technological changes in the set of tools they use to perform their job. Traditional skill training approaches worked when Building Controls were under-powered, electrical, electronic and/or mechanical systems. In those days, it was okay to travel to the manufacturer’s facility or schedule on-site training by the VAR’s engineers. However, both of these approaches have become too cumbersome and expensive. They provide uneven, unpredictable and unmanageable results.  They are not suited to the frequent enhancements and updates to today’s software-managed Building Controls that shape Smart Buildings. ActivAdmin is online, interactive, on-demand, learning with community support, wherever and whenever it is needed. ActivAdmin’s advantage, in addition to being first, is both technology and industry knowledge. ActivAmin’s online learning solution uses all of today’s cloud-based technologies, such as video-streaming and edge caching, learning management, management dashboard reporting of activity and performance, interactivity, scenario-based instructional design ActivAdmin addresses 80% of the tasks performed by 80% of the administrators.  ActivAdmin’s initial focus on security systems  is the all-important “barrier to entry”  By the time would-be competitors recognize the opportunity, the most challenging segment can be under ActivAdmin’s control. ActivAdmin’s watch words for customers are:  First, Effective, On Demand, Inexpensive, and Green. Sales and Marketing. ActivAdmin combines today’s automated, online marketing with traditional channel sales using the same VARs that sell security systems to promote and sell ActivAdmin’s online learning solution. During the Company’s Open Beta, with no full-time sales personnel and focusing exclusively on the U.S , the Company: ActivAdmin is experiencing eager and welcome acceptance of its innovative online solution for enterprise application administrators, especially in the Building Controls segment.  

Joel Rackow, Founder and Chairman Paul Lucking, President and COO

Forget the old methods that require so much time, energy, money, and fuss. Propel your company and its security forward with ActivAdmin today.

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