Emerging Company Adds Value to Renewal of Lenel and AMAG Software Support Agreements with Bundle of Cloud-based Administrator Training

Lenel and Amag VAR’s resell subscripti ons for first cloud-based training products expli citly developed for lower-l evel administrators of OnGuard and Symmetry. LOS ANGELES, CA, November 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ActivAdmin, Inc., announces it is creating a national network of Lenel and AMAG resellers bundling annual renewal of software support agreements (SSA’s) with its subscription-based online video tutorials for administrators. Aronson Security Group, Kratos PSS, Pro-Tech Design are three of the largest integrators with over 40 branch offices joining four regional resellers. The tutorials were developed by ActivAdmin under an agreement with Lenel Systems and an informal partnership with AMAG. When bundle, a 3-month subscription for unlimited end user training using ActivAdmin’s cloudbased online video tutorial library for OnGuard or Symmetry is combined with the SSA. The price of the tutorials increases the SSA renewal by approximately $150. Dr. Joel Rakow, one of the original computer-based training developers for early PC software from Microsoft, Lotus and WordPerfect, and currently the owner of a leading Lenel VAR in Southern California is the founder and President of ActivAdmin. Dr. Rakow sold more than 3 million user licenses for PC software and claims, “The same need exists for about 700,000 security system administrators who perform 10-12 tasks that are required by companies around the world almost every day, such as replace a lost card, add a cardholder, change access rights, change door schedules, add a location and others. The administrators are not candidates for certification training, yet the skill required to perform these tasks in OnGuard are not the same as Symmetry or other security systems. These administrators require help learning to perform these tasks”. Traditionally, security system VARs would send a member of their technical staff to the customer’s location to train end user personnel. While... read more

ActivAdmin at the 2015 ISC West Conference

ISC WEST is THE largest security industry trade show in the U.S. At ISC West you will have the chance to meet with technical reps from 1,000+ exhibitors and brands in the security industry and network with over 28,000 security... read more

Lenel Software Support Agreements Bundled with Online Video Tutorial

Pay Less for SUSP and Get Online Video Tutorials for Software Support Agreements Also Available Los Angeles, CA January 2, 2015 Lenel Systems International, a UTC Company, and ActivAdmin, Inc., an online educational software publisher, have joined forces with Ollivier Security Systems, a long-time Lenel valueadded reseller to reduce the amount Lenel end users pay for both their Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP) and Lenel-branded video tutorials for OnGuard administrators. This new reduction results in overall decreased cost that is less than what end users paid last year for their SUSP alone. Customers have complained for many years about annual fees for renewing software support plans for both Lenel and AMAG. In the past, end users have paid between three thousand dollars and fifty thousand dollars per year. End users frequently claim they do not see the value of paying such high fees. The SUSP Tutorial Bundle Program reduces the amount paid by several percentage points, typically twenty to twenty-five percent. “We see it as a win-win situation,” says Dr. Joel Rakow, President of ActivAdmin. The end user reduces a major expense, improves the skills of its administrators and improves the quality of its security operations, plus and Lenel and Lenel VARs save money as well by having more skilled and knowledgeable customers, thereby reducing the burden on their engineering and technical staff. The administrator gains ready access to training in the procedures used 80% of the time by 80% of Lenel administrators. The financial savings for end users works as follows: The typical VAR marks up the cost of the SUSP between 25% and 30% over the amount Lenel charges its VAR. ActivAdmin, through Ollivier or any other VAR that resells ActivAdmin, allocates between 8 and 11% of the SUSP to the training videos. The balance of the markup is then applied to the end user organization saving it between 17% and 19% of what it would pay if it purchased just the SUSP.... read more

Lenel and AMAG Deliver On-Demand Video Tutorials with Steve the Security Geek

New cloud-based solution to long-term problem of training end user administrators of access control systems reduces support cost to integrators and improves operations of installed systems Los Angeles, CA July 18, 2014 Lenel Systems International, a UTC Company, AMAG Technologies, a G4S Company, and ActivAdmin, Inc., an educational software publisher, have joined forces to release of the industry’s first cloud-based learning solution for end user administrators of both OnGuard and AMAG Symmetry. Steve the Security Geek narrates the learning for each of the softwaremanaged video tutorials. Manufacturers and integrators who sell and install security systems and the end users of these security systems have long struggled with the difficulty of preparing administrators to perform important daily tasks required to operate these systems. The obstacles have been many, including, but not limited to: Frequent turnover among administrators Administrator’s lack of professional affiliations Limited training skills of integrator’s technical staff High cost of integrator’s technical staff Expense of travel for training Weak learning skills among administrators Manufacturer’s focus on integrator Integrator’s focus on containing project costs Constraints resulting from construction projects and commissioning procedures The ActivAdmin learning solution takes advantage of the Internet’s power to aggregate widely dispersed users and to deliver on-demand learning when and where it is needed. Dr. Joel Rakow, President and Founder of ActivAdmin, states, “Last June, I demonstrated the tutorial titled “Replace a Lost Card” to a potential reseller using my smartphone while riding in a tour van in Ireland. We were both able to view the video tutorial and listen to Steve the Security Geek narrate the video. That demonstration alone pretty much closed the deal.” ActivAdmin’s cloud-based learning solution launched at ISC West in 2014 with 11 interactive video tutorials and... read more