Technology creates a wake of training needs

About ActivAdminActivAdmin is an online publisher of on-demand video tutorials for managers and administrators of security systems and building control systems, such as Lenel OnGuard, AMAG Symmetry, Tyco Software House, and others.

Ollivier Corporation is ActivAdmin’s Master US Distributor for security systems.

ActivAdmin founders have developed over 100 commercially successful learning applications, sold to organizations in 22 countries, in seven languages, with three million uses worldwide, along with the development of an enterprise learning management system distributed exclusively by Hewlett Packard IBM, and McGraw-Hill.

The chief architect of ActivAdmin’s business model and technology solution is Dr. Joel Rakow, formerly Founder and CEO of American Training International, Inc., Founder and Leader of Tatum Partners’ Electronic Crime and Risk Management Practice, and Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University, Graduate Schools of Business and Education.

Steve the Security Geek, who narrates ActivAdmin’s user-friendly tutorials, is a real person by the name of Steve Lewis. Steve has trained over one million people to use software, including individuals at Lenel OnGuard and AMAG Symmetry. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Stony Brook in New York and has earned the respect of numerous industry leaders, in addition to developing a cult following among security administrators.



Our MissionAs fast as the security administrators market is growing, there’s something that’s growing and evolving even faster, and that’s the technology these individuals rely upon day in and day out. With the evolution and growth of technology comes a need for modern training methods to match – methods that are simple enough that even those who may lack technical proficiency and training can learn and operate them.

Plain and simple, in today’s world, the old learning methods simply don’t cut it. They’re inefficient, costly, and perhaps most importantly of all, difficult to learn and use. This is a serious problem because when the training needs of the people who manage security and building control systems go unmet, these systems don’t run properly, simple tasks become tedious and time consuming, functionalities are not understood and synced, and personnel overlook trouble spots leaving valuable property and assets unprotected.

ActivAdmin solves theses problems with a simple, easy-to-use, and proven solution: online-based software tutorials for virtually every task you can imagine, so user-friendly and easy to understand that almost anyone can become an expert. Plus, they’re available on-demand – anytime, anywhere you need them. In short, ActivAdmin bridges the gap between your training needs and today’s technology, takes the hassle our of security learning and tasks, and saves you money while we’re at it.

ActivAdmin QuestionHow, you ask? ActivAdmin eliminates dated approaches to training administrators of control systems and delivers expert, efficient, and virtually effortless learning for even the newest of administrators. It streamlines deployment of security systems and optimizes performance of existing systems. It enables unlimited users to obtain an unlimited amount of training in the tasks performed 80% of the time by 80% of today’s administrators.

Forget the old methods that require so much time, energy, money, and fuss. Propel your company and its security forward with ActivAdmin today.

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